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Living My Best Afterlife

Jun 21, 2021

I know this is a sensitive topic during these times. This is in no way to condemn or hurt anyone.

With that being said, I fully stand against all sin whether it popular or not.  This is including sins I have committed.  And I am not afraid to stand against sin all while loving the person struggling with it as Jesus would.

The reason I am bringing this to the forefront is not because of the individual sin of homosexuality or transgenderism but because of this push of acceptance of these sins by media and the masses, and the importance of everyone expressing their sexuality has been one of the biggest pushes I have ever seen during my lifetime.

If you are struggling with sexuality know that I love you and I know how hard it is to be going through this. If you wish to move forward with a closer relationship with Christ please share with someone you trust who loves the Lord or email me.

I love you all and thanks for rocking with me.

- Brittany 

P.S.> I know I say um and yeah a lot. It really is the way I talk and I used to edit it out from my past episodes.  But I am trying a new type of podcast where I don't edit. So I fully stand behind everything I say in my podcast.  I am not unsure, this is just how I speak lol.